Thursday, October 8, 2009

Back to the Blog - Stress relievers

Hello again,
Its been months since my last post but I will try to get more of these out in the next few weeks. As the holiday/gift giving season approaches I've been working the heck out of my little elves to make sure I have everything ready. The last two weeks I've posted a some new items such as these sweet Minnie Mouse Cupcake Earrings, and adorable Ring Pop Ring.

Stress Management Tips
As we get ready to go into this busy season and hectic time of the year its easy to get stressed and overwhelmed, so I picked up this little cutie from blithegardens of Etsy to help me get through the long winter.
"Whether watering, transplanting or pruning plants,
studies have shown plant therapy to be a stress reducing activity.
Plants take peoples' minds off their troubles as they focus
on another living thing that really needs their attention."

Good Morning America Special - Terrarium with Free Shipping

I also picked up one of these delicious pepermint lip balms on Etsy from OsayinHolistics.
"Mint aromatherapy brings wonderful benefits for stress relief and general wellness. Peppermint aromatherapy in particular is often used for alertness and energy as well as general stress relief."- Elizabeth Scott, M.S.
Stress Management Guide
Peppermint Lip Balm
I didn't purchase this yet but I'm thinking about it, just in case I have trouble sleeping.
Can I get Some Sleep... Please - CD
"Kristine's voice is a calming presence that allows you to be guided into a peaceful, relaxed, state of being. This meditation will stop the mind chatter.... as the music and soothing words distract you away from the worries and cares of the day. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of: Peace of Mind and a good night's sleep. This meditation will allow you to drift and float into a wonderful state.... while positive healing affirmations are suggested." - from imaginethat9 of Etsy.

Can I Get Some Sleep.... Please CD

Good luck to all of you this season may you have a stress free and prosperous holiday season!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Renegade Craft Fair, Los Angeles

This last Saturday my husband and I spent the day doing something I love, which is checking out craft fairs. I grew up in the Bay Area and I loved that on any given weekend during summer you could find a fantastic art and wine festival. Unfortunately, they are not as common where I live so I was so psyched to attend the Renegade Craft Fair in LA. Since I started my business I've only attended/participated in boutiques which are mostly composed of overly commercialized ridiculously blinged out items. I need a blinged out plastic coffee cup as much as I need a crystal encrusted pimp cup.

At this unique DIY type fair the crafters was remarkable. There were even stations to design your own "take and make" felt creature. The fair was held in the fashion district of LA in the California Market Center Penthouse with amazing views of downtown LA.

There were so many items to choose from but my first purchase was this adorable acrylic whale necklace by

I fell in love with many tees but my absolute favorite was this rich royal blue organic and bamboo tee by

My husband who went with me kicking and screaming actually enjoyed himself and found some awesome artwork by Jose Pulido found at

Another was a baby shower gift only a nerd could love by

One of another great finds was music art by Jeff and Rebecca of They create beautiful wall art out out of photos of music collections such as this piece of all cassette albums titled: "about 500 tapes." Their pieces were the ultimate in rock chic.

I can't wait for the next handmade craft fair. Its hard to find others with this level of coolness. I only wish I could travel to all of them. For more info check out

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Magical World of Re-Ment

Once upon a time (about two years ago) I was hand painting Dr. Scholl's exercise sandals and decided they needed a little pizazz so I set out on an adventure to find some "bling" to embellish them and maybe some flip-flops. I wandered into this fantastic wholesale bead store in Arcadia named Beadsource and stumbled upon a magical land of charms and miniatures. And so my love (or obsession as my husband calls it) began with little tiny replicas of everyday items such as dainty teacups and teapots. In my quest to find more unique tea themed items I found this Japanese store that sold tiny boxes with surprise collectible miniatures where you had no idea which set you would get. I was fascinated. It was a complete rush to open the mini boxes not knowing what I would get much like opening a Cracker Jack box! Only there are sometimes rare "secret sets" which were even more exciting (and valuable). That was when I fell in love with Re-Ment miniatures.
Because of their size they make great unique accessories so I launched the sister shop to I began to list my unusual creations paired with sparkling crystals on Etsy soon after. The fashion doll sized pieces take me way back when I spent hours creating my very own Barbie house out of cardboard boxes. Not because we couldn't afford the real thing but I wanted to be unique and in control of every aspect of designing her bachelorette pad.

Re-Ment makes all kinds of miniatures everything from things you'd find at a pharmacy to food, and housewares. Warning: collecting miniatures can become addictive and expensive but oh so fun!

So if you get a chance check out my creations and the world of Re-Ment, take a mini-break from your day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Love Your Bride

June is the month of all months for weddings. There is just something magical about June before the summer heat sets in. I also love the slew of bridal type shows such as the Newlyweds, Say Yes 
to the Dress and my all time reality favorite, Bridezillas. It doesn't get much raunchier than brides battling it out with shop owners and soon to be in-laws. This season looks especially dramatic. I still wonder how the producers continue to entice brides to have one of the most stressful events of their lives video taped, and edited to make them look like evil lunatics. But I love it so good job WE. 

So Love Your Bling has decided to go Bridal by adding a section titled: Elegant Bride. I've been creating very elegant, and modern pieces that I think any bride or bridesmaid will love! Check it out and let me know what you think. 

Also Check out this article on Bridal Postpartum

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hello World

I guess this will be a new adventure as I journey down the path of blogging my experiences as a jewelry designer. I've been studying the internet market for sometime now and am ready to go at it myself. Etsy is my main shop but I also have been developing my site I hope to meet other etsians, and crafters interested in networking. I also enjoy my share of social commentary.