Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Magical World of Re-Ment

Once upon a time (about two years ago) I was hand painting Dr. Scholl's exercise sandals and decided they needed a little pizazz so I set out on an adventure to find some "bling" to embellish them and maybe some flip-flops. I wandered into this fantastic wholesale bead store in Arcadia named Beadsource and stumbled upon a magical land of charms and miniatures. And so my love (or obsession as my husband calls it) began with little tiny replicas of everyday items such as dainty teacups and teapots. In my quest to find more unique tea themed items I found this Japanese store that sold tiny boxes with surprise collectible miniatures where you had no idea which set you would get. I was fascinated. It was a complete rush to open the mini boxes not knowing what I would get much like opening a Cracker Jack box! Only there are sometimes rare "secret sets" which were even more exciting (and valuable). That was when I fell in love with Re-Ment miniatures.
Because of their size they make great unique accessories so I launched www.LoveYourBling.etsy.com the sister shop to www.LoveYourSoles.etsy.com. I began to list my unusual creations paired with sparkling crystals on Etsy soon after. The fashion doll sized pieces take me way back when I spent hours creating my very own Barbie house out of cardboard boxes. Not because we couldn't afford the real thing but I wanted to be unique and in control of every aspect of designing her bachelorette pad.

Re-Ment makes all kinds of miniatures everything from things you'd find at a pharmacy to food, and housewares. Warning: collecting miniatures can become addictive and expensive but oh so fun!

So if you get a chance check out my creations and the world of Re-Ment, take a mini-break from your day.

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